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The Scandinavian lifestyle is still popular and contains natural elements such as wood. Pine needles are an essential part of Christmas. With a tree from “Our Nordic Christmas”, you already have the ingredients for a stylish end of year. And for many more years to come.

Our trees are easy and quick to assemble and the quality is impeccable. No more hassle with falling needles like you have with a real tree. Lights should definitely be present in your tree. In Scandinavia, the dark days are really dark and people cheer them up by putting lots of cosy lights here and there, such as a lamp outside, a candle behind the window and lights in the Christmas tree. For even more convenience, you can choose a tree with integrated LED lights.

Below, we have some tips on how to assemble your tree, how to store it, and how to make your tree even more radiant.

Tips & Tricks