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Let your Christmas tree shine with these 4 decoration tips

TIP 1: Location

Find a nice spot where the tree can show its full potential.

TIP 2: Decoration order

If you have chosen a pre-lit tree, you don’t need to worry about the lights anymore. Otherwise, placing the lights is the first step in decorating your tree. Hang them from top to bottom in a spiral. Check whether they are evenly distributed. Next, place the spike, then some garlands.

TIP 3: The Scandinavian touch

If you want a Christmas tree in a Scandinavian style, then decorate your tree in a rather calm way. Choose neutral basic colours like white, black or natural wood. You can also add some silver or gold accents. If you go for a more traditional Scandinavian style, add the colour red. Red provides that extra touch of warmth and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere during the cold and dark days in the North.

TIP 4: Christmas with kids and pets

If you have children running around or a bit of a naughty pet in the house, choose unbreakable Christmas decorations.

Here’s to a successful Christmas!

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